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The Forkerts | Brisbane Family Photographer

I have met so many people in my life.  Some of them were good friends.  Friends that share an interest, and maybe someone who can have a good conversation or is fun to hang out with.  While we were together it was great.  Then there are those friends that stays with you and that you always think of you when you are not around anymore.  They are heart friends.  Friends that move into you heart and even if you do not see each other for more than a couple of times a year, they are still in your heart.  This Forkert family is that to me.  I’ve met them six and a half years ago when we had our babies together and we have been friends through thick and thin.  She was my training buddy and my mummy buddy and my crafty buddy, but most of all, she is my soul buddy.  The nights we chatted on the beach through wind and rain, the advice she gives me about being a good mum, and the way she remembers my family on important dates.  She is one in a million and I am so lucky to be the one who capture the special bond that she has with her kids and husband.

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