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Moments that Matter | September 2018

Since Hailey was born, and she started school, time for just me and Hannah is hard to find.  Afternoons are full of tired siblings, cooking dinner, bath time, stories and homework.  Bradley has put himself to bed at 4:30 pm on Sunday evening after a full weekend, and Hannah and I took the opportunity to go and walk the little track around the light house that she’s been asking to go on, every time we drive past.  There are steep cliff edges involved so I did not want to take her while I have two other kids too.  She ran part, carefully slide down on her bottom in other parts and climbed rocks until we finally played in the sand until it was almost dark.  It was the perfect afternoon.  She has told me so many things.  She showed me meditation.  She told me secrets and creative inspirations.  She took some photos of me and I took some photos of her.  Here she is.  My rainbow child.  My hippie child.  My free spirit and wild heart.  I hope you enjoy our afternoon results.


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