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Moments that Matter | July 2018 South West Rocks

Sometimes I sit on my couch and think about the time we lived in South West Rocks for those magical 9 months.  I have moved a lot in my life and I can honestly say that those 9 months were some of the happiest of my life.  Soo…when the school holidays came to an end we made the split second choice to go and visit for a few days.  As always, I came back recharged and ready for the new term.  We got to catch up for coffee with one of my closest friends in the little coffee shop we use to hang out in when the kids were only little.  The days when we cycled there and cooled down with a green smoothy.  I got to go to the pilates place where I first started out with a beautiful friend and worked out with an amazing trainer.  The same beautiful friend took me out to see a movie, and we just laughed and sang along to the songs and had the best time.  I cannot remember going to that place and not had fun.  It is just different and fun and a place where moms can sit back and relax and be human again.

We stayed in the caravan park on the river and we explored all the little spots we loved so much when we lived there.  Looking for oysters at Back Beach at low tide, chasing the little fish in the wild wind at Trial Bay, playing hide and seek on the rock and the bear cave on Little Bay and eating salad sandwiches and cheap icecream at Horseshoe Bay and we enjoyed the beautiful new park.  There were so much that I still wanted to do, but that will have to wait till next time.  We will be back.

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Back Beach

Rock wall


Little Bay


Trial Bay


Luch Break in Coffs Harbour

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