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A dress up dress

I just try to soak up the littleness in her while I can.  She has lost two of her teeth now, and she act so grown up at times.  She is a great at negotiating and she can often get what she wants by talking her sibling into it.  She is a mess maker but she loves it when her room is in order.  She is a dreamer and realistic all at once.  She is a great friend to those who loves her, but she does not stand back to those who don’t.  She stands firm on her own two legs and rarely tell on her pears.  I like that about her.  I like that she fight her fights and deal with problems head on. She tells the truth.  She learned early on that owning your mistakes cause less problems than to cover them up. She proudly does her self assigned chores every morning.  She decided that unpacking the dishwasher was her job, and she loves doing it.  She loves school and she takes the bus most mornings.  She is five and way to grown up for my liking.

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