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Moments that Matter | Moonee Beach NSW

She has always been my muse when I take photos.  She does interesting things.  She does not mind to get messy or wet or anything that over the top.  We were camping again this weekend for the first time since I became pregnant with Hailey.  My kids get up before sunrise and we always take them to the beach at that time so that they do not wake up the other campers.  It is always my most favourite time of the day.  When everything is still and the sun rises.  She just could not resist to go into the water with her pj’s.  The other two kids are more careful and just played on the beach.  How I love her.  I love all her messiness and her weird clothing combinations.  I like how she still likes princess outfits.  I love how she is shy to get changed into her dance clothes in front of others, but she will happily run around naked on the beach.  She is growing up so fast and I will miss all these little things that drives me crazy at times.  I can’t imagine that anyone gets blessed with more than one messy adventurer, so please stay like this for a little longer so that you can show your sister how to have fun.  xx  This is a blog circle.  Also see what Cindy has been up to.

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