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LUKA | Newborn Photographer Brisbane

This is one of my best friends.  She is one of my few friends who knew me as a care free childless newly married girl.  (Ok, maybe not carefree, I have never exactly been carefree 🙂  But we did spend a large part of our adult life as friends.  She has been there when my kids were born, and I have been there when she had Penny and now Luka.  She understands my heart.  She understands how to talk about the hard stuff.  She is fun and honest and easy to be around.  And to top it all off, she is my birthday twin 🙂  I am so pleased that I could be a there to capture her family during these first few weeks of Luka’s life.  She is so content, and beautiful.  And little Penny loved the camera and photobomb us multiple times, as long as she can wear her pretty pink princess dress life is OK.  She was very firm about this, so what can you do??  A girl is aloud to pick her own outfit right?  Love them all, and I miss being just around the corner from them xxx

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