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Lucy | Brisbane Lifestyle Photographer

She was my first model, when she was 3 months.  I was not sure about taking photos for other people, but her mom encouraged me, so I did, and that was how it all started.  Now she is almost three and a half.  My daughter just ditched me as her best friend, to announce that Lucy is now her best friend.  She was quick to add that Lucy’s mommy can be my best friend so I will not be to sad.  She is possibly right.  They may very well be best friends.  Lucy and Hannah only differs in age by 3 days.  They’ve been in each other’s life ever since they were born, and they have seen each other most weeks, until we moved away three months ago.  We are so happy that Lucy and her Mom and Dad took some time to come and visit us in our new home and town.  I must say, the kids played very well together and there were minimal fights.  Hannah is not happy that Lucy went home, but she has already got her Dora bag  out and ready to pack, because she is going to visit Lucy’s house.  So hope they will stay friends forever.  It is so special to have a special girl friend that you can trust and appreciate.

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