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Noosa North Shore | Lifestyle photographer Sunshine Coast

It is quite easy for us to take sunrise photo sessions.  We get up when its still dark.  Our kids, does not sleep later than 6 am, more often closer to 5 am.  It suits us.  We are all early risers.  And when we are camping, the best way to keep them from waking the camp, is to head to the beach.

My kids are beach babies.  They love the sand, and they love the water.  I don’t know where that is coming from, as Jason and I really do not care about any of that.  We enjoy it, but we are really just happy in nature.  No preferences.  Its hard to understand the extent of their love for the ocean, until you actually witnessed it.  It makes them insanely happy.  And it stressed me out just as insanely, because to me, the ocean is dangerous.

Here is one of our early morning sessions, on a camping trip to Noosa North shore. A lifestyle photographers dream on the Sunshine Coast.


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