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Family Photography

The kids grow up so quickly.  It is time for a family portrait upgrade, but it all seems just a bit hard.  Will the kids co-operate?  Will  you be able to keep them clean and tidy for the shoot.  Guess what?  You don’t have to.  Just turn up and let them be them.  Are love capturing families as they are. The energy, the crazy, the calm.  Just as you are.

When you book your session, I will ask you a few questions about your family.  The things you like doing together.  The shops you go to.  A favourite cafe, bookstore or art gallery.   Maybe you like baking together, going to the beach or just hang out on the couch reading together.  Whatever it is you like to do, we will incorporate in into your session.  I want you to be you.  I want to capture you.  The real you.  The family you want to remember 20 years from now.

I am so excited to capture these session for you.  I want it to be unique just for you.

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