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Kaui, the last Island of our trip. We tried to walk to the Queens bath, which seemed to be much muddier and steeper than we thought. We basically mud slided down a mountain with only tree roots to stop us. I think it was probably the highlight of our trip, only to realise that we cant actually swim in the baths as it was high tide. We swam in the rain, watched the best sunrises with rainbows everywhere. We went out one night to dance the hula and drove to see the most beautiful valleys. Definitely my favourite island of the three. It is more wild and untamed and we love that.

Our first sunrise in Kaui – Kaui said hello with rainbows.
Rock jumping – in there mind, it was higher than a mountain
The walked with a mission to jump off the jetty, but none of them had the guts in the end.
There is a story behind this photo that involved a lot of body fluids and she was in the middle of it all. It is too disgusting to tell on here, but I felt for her.
A mud slide downhill. This path is closed in the winter, due to the big surf at that time, but they fave not opened the gate yet. There was a way around, and we made it down to the Queens Bath.
We forgot her Minni mouse toy, named Lizzy, at home, so she demanded to carry her hat everywhere, even when she went to bed. We later found the same toy and bought it for her, but then she wanted the toy plus the hat where ever she went.
On our way to an Hawaii Luau
Chicken chickens everywhere.
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