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Hailey 6 months

The last six months were a mix between amazing and exhausting.  She is a chilled baby and slept for the first four months of her life, but that brings a whole lot of new problems and I can say for sure that when the baby sleeps, it does not mean that the mom also sleeps.  It started at birth when she had to feed every two hours because she was hypoglycemic, and then every 3 hours followed by supplement feeds as she did not put on much weight.  Now trying to wake up a sleepy baby every 2 hours to feed takes about an hour and a half.  Yes I’ve spent my nights trying to wake her up to feed.  She is doing so well now though.  She can almost sit, but not quite.  She is rolling over now, even though it took a little while for her to learn…..but then she did sleep the first four months of her life….  She is cutting her third tooth at the moment, and she starting to giggle.  It surprises us every time we hear a giggle, and it stops us in our tracks with joy and excitement and everyone tries to do a giggle every few minutes.  She is so joyful and as Hannah said after Hailey blew a raspberry with a mouth full of food:  “I think she is going to be a fun girl” 

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