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Green Point | Yamba Family Photographer

She loves to dress up in pretty dresses, but it does not stop her to have her own adventures.  She does do the frequent twirls, and dance moves, but in between all that, she gets dirty and run and collect fire wood.  That is her new thing.  Collecting fire wood.  We have a fire place in our new house, and when we first moved in, her daddy took her outside to collect little sticks and wood to make our first fire.  We since bought fire wood, but she still goes crazy collecting it when she spots it.  She made a whole pile on the beach, and she was so excited, she ran up and down the beach to find more, and then did a twirl.  I love this about her.  I love it that she wants to wear her pretty clothes and not care if it gets dirty.  I love that she twirl like a ballerina and then jump around and run as fast as she can.  I want her to stay this way forever.  I want her not to care about what she looks like, as long as she feels beautiful.  I want her to stay happy, and caring, and funny.  I hope she keep on doing art.  I hope she  keep dancing.  I hope she keeps laughing.  I hope she will enjoy nature for a long time.  I hope she will keep believing how beautiful she is.



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