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Bedtime with Bradley

It is his last week of being one.  After this week he will not be a baby anymore.  He will be my big two year old boy.  I remembered the day he was born.  I was lying on the bed in hospital, while my husband dropped Hannah off at daycare.  He was back before they even started the observations.  They brought in the menu, and asked me to pick what I wanted to eat for the next five days, but my husband did it because my head was with him.  I was trying to feel him inside me.  I needed to feel him one last time, before he became his own person and left my body.  So he did eventually left my body.  He did became his own person, but he also surprised me.  He is the cuddliest little boy.  He loves to give cuddles and kisses, and I repay him with a tickle to make him giggle.  He still does that every day, and I want to keep this memory for ever.  I think I can honestly say that during this ritual at bedtime, I feel more loved than any other moment during the day.  He truly loves me.  Like really.

He loves reading Peppa Pig books, and giggle every single time, I make the animal noises.  His favourite is Pedro Pony and Danny Dog.  He loves saying all the words he learned from Peppa books, like spoon, fork and ball.

He can now jump from things.  Yesterday he followed Hannah and jumped from the trampoline to the ground.  He jumped up, very excitedly and shouted, Mamma Mamma, and pointed to where he jumped from.  He did it, and he was really proud.  He reached the ground after jumping from very high!!! I love his excitement for the simple things.  He would have reached the ground in anyway, but he was so proud that he actually did.

I love my big, little boy.


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