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Aidan | Macksville Family Photographer

Macksville Family Photographer

Drove up to Macksville to photograph this beautiful baby boy with his beautiful blue eyes.  He was 11 weeks.  I just love this age.  The eyes sparkle, the movements are more controlled, and sometimes the most beautiful smile breaks through.

He is growing up the best way possible.  In a little cottage like home with animals and nature around him, way from the buzz of the town and with loving parents to give him everything a boy needs.

This family is the first session I did since moving to South West Rocks, and I am so happy I am back in the roll of things.  I missed photographing families, actually I’ve missed photographing clients all together.  But I am back, and I’m hoping he will be the first of many.  It makes me incredibly happy to be able to capture these fleeting moments.  They do really grow so quick, and tomorrow, these moments are gone, and we only have our memories to hold on to.  So I live by the rule of making memories and document it as much as possible.  For as this much I’ve learned.  Memories are what will carry you through when the moments are gone.


Macksville Family PhotographerMacksville Family Photographer

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