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Photo credit: Milina Opsenica

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

Iím Juanita.  Iíve been married to my husband for seven years.  I am the proud mum of Hannah, who is five, and Bradley, who is four and our new baby, Hailey. I am also the mother of a little angel, Jesselin,  who died at birth, and I am always proud to include her in our family.  Iím a pharmacist part-time, and I love it.

Photography came into my life about six  years ago, and I couldnít be more grateful!

Iím a natural light photographer, specialising in family photography, or more specifically, my own family.  I love capturing the moments that I want to remember.  The way they love making messes or getting carried away in water.  All the little childhood things.

I like things simple.  One camera and one or two lenses is all I have in my bag. Too much more, and Iíd be way overwhelmed.

I love reading, climbing mountains, music, playing with my kids, the outdoors and camping with my family.

My goal as a photographer is to capture family just being as they are. The moments. The quiet ones, the loud ones, the happy ones and the sweet ones. Every single thing that makes you a family, thatís what I want to capture. I want my sessions to be fun and effortless. Weíll laugh, hold hands and cuddle. I love sunsets and I love sunrise even more.